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This is where I will talk all about me and tell you everything about me!

To start, my name is Kristina Elaine. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I attend N.B. Forrest High School and partcipate on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad. I am very active in cheerleading and love it a lot!
Since I was 3 I have been dancing. I took dance lessons at Mazza-Smith Studio of Performing Arts. While I was there, I took Ballet, Tap, Jazz,and Pointe. About 3 years ago, I was upset to find that I had a toe injury. Because of this I had to quit dance. I still dance around the house but I can not do Pointe anymore.
When I was in the sixth grade, I came across cheerleading. I tried out for my elementry school's cheerleading squad. I made it and cheered there for two years. In my 8th grade and last year there, I played basketball. After leaving there, I went to High School and cheered for Orange Park Athletic Associtation. There I made the Midget Cheerleading Squad. After cheering for the football games, the cheerleading squad competes in the Pop Warner Cheerleading Competiton. At the First Coast Confrence, my squad took 1st. Since we won there, we moved on to the Regional Competition, where we took 5th. We did not get to go to Nationals, but we hade so much fun at Regionals. The next year, I went to Forrest and made the varsity cheerleading squad. I also coached the Midget Squad at OPAA. They also went the Pop Warner Cheerleading Competition. They took 1st at the First Coast Confrence and moved on to the Regional Competition. There they took 6th and did not get to advance to Nationals.=( But again they had fun! Now I am in my 2nd year cheering at Forrest and the captain along with Lauren, a friend I met at Forrest.
After meeting Lauren, she asked me to come cheer for her brother's Allstar Cheerleading Squad, Xtreme Power Allstars. I made their all-girl competition squad. After being there for about 3 months, the gym had to close. Since I left there, I went to another competitive cheerleading gym in Jacksonville. That gym was Florida Elite Allstars.









All my Favorites:

Favorite Color: Lime Green

Favorit Food: Pasta and White Rice

Favorite Sport: Cheerleading(yes it is a sport)

Favorite College Basketball Team: Florida Gators

Favorite Pro Basketball Team: Boston Celtics

Favorite College Football Team: Florida Gators

Favorite Pro Football Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Favorite Major League Baseball Team: Atlanta Braves

Favorite Pro Wrestling Member: The Rock

Favorite College Cheerleading Squad: Tie between Florida Gators and Tennesse Vols.

Favorite Pro Football Cheerleaders: Tie Between Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Bucs

Favorite All-star Cheerleading Team: Cheer Athletics, Dallas Texas

Favorite High School Cheerleading Squad: Other than Forrest, Houston High School

Favorite Pop Warner Cheerleading Squad: Tie between Orange Park Atheltic Association Pee-wee Cheerleading Sqaud and Lake Mary Jr. Migdet Cheerleading Squad.

Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan

Favorite Actor: Matt Damon, Josh Harrnet, Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones

Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting, Center Stage, Saving Private Ryan, and Miss Congenality.

Favorite TV Show: MTV's Real World, WB's 7th Heaven, Nick's Hey Arnold, and Disney's Rolie Polie Olie.

Favorite Play: Cats

Favorite Animal: Cats(every kind)